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+1 not-just-a desert rat.

Hi Hadriel, I'm Elizabeth! I'm bringing in Rey, from that new movie in that really old franchise about a War in our Stars or something. Something something fist fights and special mind tricks in space. She's coming in fresh from being plucked from hyperspace on her way to find Luke Skywalker, so she'll be totally overjoyed to be stuck in an underground city. yay!

Please feel free to check out her permissions post, which I've included more detail on regarding her Force-adept powers and sensitivities. Be sure to fill it out if you have specifics on how you'd like her to interact with your character, or if you'd just prefer to opt-out in general with respect to her abilities.

I look forward to playing with everyone, so please hit me up at [ profile] spinebarrel if you're interested in plotting or chatting or just saying hi!
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hello I'm Dk and I play this ex-Jedi here, who will absolutely delighted to have such a nice force sensitive girl around, to balance out everyone else from a galaxy far, far away that's hanging around the cave. I'm really looking forward to playing with you and I hope you like it here :D
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oh yeah, she'll recognize that in a heartbeat! but once Rey explains her legitimate reasons for having it, she'll absolutely get a cool aunt who wants to help train her. you know, so she does the lightsaber justice.
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So excited to have Rey join the fun!
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You have no idea how happy I am to get more Star Wars peeps :D

Sup, I'm Fade and I've got Maketh Tua from Rebels. She used to be an Imperial before her coworkers blew her up and now she's...sort of commanding the guardsmen in Hadriel. She also met Vader one time and that was Not Fun, so she's wary around other force-users.

Really looking forward to writing with you!
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OH HI ELIZABETH welcome and stuff. I'm excited for little scavenger.

So yes I'm Revu, and I just play this lady here from a sci-fi/horror series I'm writing. Who also just happens to be named Rey (No-Last-Name). Oops.

This Rey is a synthetic humanoid (appears human, but has some unseen cybernetic components + metal skeleton) with a penchant for manipulating heat/fire. She's also got the memories of eight different people crammed into her computer brain, which is fun for the whole family (not really).

Looking forward to having you here! <3
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REY! I love her and ngl this makes me wish I was more active with Finn/had time for a second character

Anyways, I'm Corie and this is Piper from fallout 4. She's your run of the mill nosy reporter. c:

Welcome! Looking forward to playing with you!
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Eeee! Hello hello hello! I've got Kylo here and an old crazy immortal named Ushahin.

Kylo will be thrilled to see her. And by thrilled I mean creepily stalk her and attempt to turn her to the Dark Side.