publickenemy: (pic#10505269)
piper wright ([personal profile] publickenemy) wrote in [community profile] hadriel_ooc 2016-12-14 06:08 am (UTC)

jackets are the devil

Piper is a little bit of a hot temper, but this will still be unusual for her. Particularly the urge to rip off the jacket off of everyone she sees wearing one.

This makes total sense, given the long coat she wears and loves.

So you may come across one angry woman, spouting off insults towards your jacket, maybe even trying to yank it right off of you.

- She might try and talk down anyone she comes across fighting, to get them to calm down.

- Sleep is something that she, as a regular human being needs to do.

- And she's from a place where a lot of the food is canned, and she'll probably still stick to a lot of that here for ease.

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