solvethepuzzle: (Alternate)
Near | Nate River ([personal profile] solvethepuzzle) wrote in [community profile] hadriel_ooc 2016-12-15 04:39 pm (UTC)

Team Don't Tell Me to Calm Down

Near typically isn't the physically violent sort, but he's very passive-aggressive generally and verbally nasty. That being said, if he manages to get provoked to the level of physical violence . . . he's tiny and pretty pathetic that way, although he does carry a knife when he leaves the house. In the sleeve of his coat. Whoops.

Not that he's the type to leave the house a ton, but he should be out during some of it. Otherwise, I'm planning a network post for him a day or two in to gripe and be nasty about people telling him to calm down. Because that will accomplish great things, surely.

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