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Event Post: Why Do You Have To Be Mad?

During December, Rage is getting a little... antsy. And when Rage gets antsy, everyone gets angry. So! In order to best amuse herself, she's decided to give everyone very intense pet peeves- small things that make certain groups of people fly into a frothing rage.

Upon being subjected to everyone's chosen thing- be it by someone nearby doing it or doing it themselves- characters will find themselves full of an inexplicable hatred for that specific act or thing, and will likely do everything in their power to make that hatred known. How much you want the anger to affect your character is dependent on you- whether you want them to stop being able to sleep or eat entirely, or if it's simply a mere inconvenience is your call!

In addition to being angry at a specific thing, characters who find themselves in the company of other characters with similar anger triggers will notice a strange sense of kinship with one another. After all, there's nothing like bonding over mutual dislike of something, right? Feel free to gather up your venting buddies and just rant until the cows come home about how much you hate it when people try to calm you down- it's okay, we'll wait.

Friendships like this can form quickly, but be careful- if they get too out of hand then we might find ourselves with an angry mob on our hands, ready to take out anyone who might be indulging in a little winter wear.

Now, without further ado, the sorting!

With this hatred, your character will, predictably, dislike jackets. Any sort of cold weather wear is fair game here, however- you're free to include coats, hats, scarves, and mittens into your rage. This can prevent you from putting on your own coats, and maybe long sleeves as well... well, even a t-shirt might be annoying on your shoulders, so you could just forego that entirely. Or you could only dislike them on other people and be prone to ripping them off of others and setting them on fire. Hey, at least they're warm now!
Sam (UD)
L Lawliet
Seth Gecko
Kate Fuller
Tyki Mikk
Jill Valentine

Who could hate a cute, fluffy animal? Well, a lot of people, as it turns out. Luckily, Hadriel is a little bereft in the 'cute and fluffy' department, as the majority of our animals are actually monsters lurking about the tunnels, so- you know, feel free to let your rage lead you out there to hunt them down or be hunted in return. Additionally, there are a few animals able to be found around the city: nugs and fennec foxes from the recent Dragon Age event, as well as the few other creatures that have been smuggled into the city by her inhabitants. Kick puppies at your own risk- there might be a few good Samaritans about who get legitimately angry at any sign of cruelty.
Hannah (Until Dawn)
Jack Benjamin
Firo Prochainezo
Sandor Clegane
Ryou Bakura
Ushahin Dreamspinner
Arya Stark

Windows? Okay in small quantities. But anything more than three is grounds for you going ballistic. Maybe even three is too many, honestly. It's fair game whether you want your character to hate the windows themselves or entire buildings, but either way, it's smashing time. Who cares if someone lives there? Oh- wait, do you live there? Whoops... you might want to sleep outside for awhile. (As a sidenote, all spires and most houses have more than three windows- the bar, temples, and Delight's housing have less!)
Tiny Tina
Newt Geiszler
Warrick Chopper
Ulaume har Colurastes
Bucky Barnes

Have you ever gotten food poisoning from canned food? Well, if you have then you know exactly why you hate the stuff. It's stale, cheap tasting, and lasts forever- it also happens to comprise about 80% of all food in Hadriel, because Hope isn't very creative when it comes to feeding you guys. Characters with this particular hatred might have difficulty feeding themselves if they can't hunt for their food- but of course, it doesn't have to prevent you from eating. Maybe it's just the cans themselves that are the problem and you need to get a friend to open them in another room for you. Maybe it's just the sound of spoons against the tin that have you slapping them out of your roommate's hands. Either way, you're in for a complicated week.
Wade Wilson
Matt Murdock
Johnny Storm
Dean Winchester
Cho Hakkai
Hermann Gottlieb

Ways to make people never calm down ever: tell them to calm down. And for you lucky ducks, this is dialed up to eleven this week! Just a simple gentle voice can piss you off, and it doesn't have to be directed at you- if your friend is ripping off someone else's jacket and they're trying to get them to stop, guess what, you're now part of the angry club. Have you ever tried to calm down a raging stranger when you hate calming people down? It's tough going, man.
Yu Kanda
Kylo Ren
Beth (Until Dawn)
Richie Gecko
Henry Percy
Bruce Banner
Ishida Uryuu
Ronan Lynch

Last but not least, we have our anti-sleep brigade. You guys don't want anyone to get a good night's rest- yourself potentially included. Whether that means you're banging pots and pans out on the street in the middle of the night, or just forcing your roommate to stay up all night with you and talk about increasingly-strange topics, you can be sure that the mere sight of someone getting some shuteye will fill you with a simmering anger. Characters with this hatred have the option of turning it inward and trying to go without sleep, or being fine with their own sleeping schedules, as long as nobody else can, or both. It's up to you!
Rey (Original)
Kain Highwind
Allison Argent
Will Graham
Conner Walsh
Jo Harvelle
Natasha Romanoff
Dorian Pavus
Sharon de Silva
Adam Parrish
Jade Ellsworth

And that's it, folks! Everyone else has opted out entirely, so now's your chance to steal the spotlight and maybe go punch a few of your ex-best friends. All's fair in mobs and war, after all!

If anyone is unhappy with their assignments or would like to be switched around or opted out, then please let us know! We're more than happy to accommodate any last minute changes. Thank you, and good luck getting angry!

Edit: Also, if your character is missing from this list and you'd like for them to be included in the event, please let us know and we'd be happy to sort them, asap!
publickenemy: (pic#10505269)

jackets are the devil

[personal profile] publickenemy 2016-12-14 06:08 am (UTC)(link)
Piper is a little bit of a hot temper, but this will still be unusual for her. Particularly the urge to rip off the jacket off of everyone she sees wearing one.

This makes total sense, given the long coat she wears and loves.

So you may come across one angry woman, spouting off insults towards your jacket, maybe even trying to yank it right off of you.

- She might try and talk down anyone she comes across fighting, to get them to calm down.

- Sleep is something that she, as a regular human being needs to do.

- And she's from a place where a lot of the food is canned, and she'll probably still stick to a lot of that here for ease.