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Event Post: Extinction V.2

The bestiary's getting pretty full, and Hope's getting pretty worn out keeping all the monsters trapped in the caves and away from the delicate and tasty inhabitants of Hadriel. As he does not kill things himself, and his godly allies aren't interested in monster hunting, he's decided to turn to your characters for a little help!

Just like last time, Hope will make a network post on July 22nd offering rewards to those who lend him a hand. Anyone who kills a monster for him will get a small prize, and if an entire species of monsters is slain, a randomly-chosen character who participated will get a god blessing. He's managed to talk Rage, Delight, and Sorrow into giving him a few blessings to hand out as prizes, too, so who knows what you might get? And don't think you have to be a fighter to get a prize. Anyone who doesn't want to kill monsters can repair buildings, fix roads, paint walls (murals are welcome!), plant flowers, or do whatever else that might make the city look nice.


Hope will be leaving caches of tools, paint, and other supplies necessary for fixing and improving the city in the shops, ready to be found by anyone who goes looking. Anyone who participates there will get prizes as well. The number will depend on what and how much they do! For every five people who fix or improve things, one god blessing will be given out at random. Good luck!

As for monster-killers, there are set numbers of each monster (see the list below!), and when the event log goes up there will be a place to comment letting us know how many, and which, monsters your character killed. Check out the bestiary for more info on the monsters and how difficult they might be to kill. Keep in mind that the caves are winding and very extensive, and not all of them will be easy to find! Team up, go it alone, decide to paint a building instead - your call!


Bereskarn (10)
Blobs (3)
Cacodemons (14)
Coeurls (4)
Deathclaws (6)
Hunters (1)
Malboros (9)
Mimics (11)
Rodents of Unusual Size (15)
Skulltulas (12)
Smokers (5)
Taxxons (8)
Trolls (12)
White Walkers (2)
Wraiths (8)
Yeti (2)


► July 22nd: Hope makes a network post asking for a bit of help
► July 29th: Your chance for Fabulous Prizes™ is OVER!
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[personal profile] blowyoudown 2016-07-20 12:06 am (UTC)(link)
Is there an upper limit to how many monsters a character can eat kill, if the character is strong enough?
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[personal profile] crowboy 2016-07-20 03:45 am (UTC)(link)
Not relevant question at all.... Are slingshots available in the armory?