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Hey there, Hadrielites!

So to say that Rey has been less than pleased about Love's revival is something of an understatement. Not only has she personally expressed her displeasure to Love, she exchanged some heated words with Rosie + others that resulted in attempted murder. Yikes!

To make matters worse, Love has the nerve to set up their dating game in the Speakeasy that Rey herself helped put together for the Seven Days of Hadriel event. Very rude.

And that's why I'm making this post.

Having expressed her displeasure to her girlfriend, Bianca ([personal profile] wormintheglass) has formed a plan that they, between Wade ([personal profile] ishotyouuu) and Gren ([personal profile] murderpotato) to troll those unfortunate souls partaking in Love's dating game on Day 5 of the godly festivities.

What can you expect, should you so desire, are four grumpy anti-Loves impeding on various arranged dates. Whether they be serenading your date with horrific beautiful music or screaming "helpful" advice your way (or about as close to advice as you can get with freaking Deadpool), you can bet that this is going to be a grand time for everyone and the whole famile!

If anyone is interested in the Fearsome Foursome impeding on their "romantic" date night hosted by Love, let us know! We can handwave, threadjack, or potentially post a toplevel allowing for various appropriate reactions. Since 6+ characters in one thread is like, a lot, we can also offer one or two trolls to spice up your date.

Because clearly it's healthier than stabbing Rosies. :)

Edit: IC thread is up for those who want to thread out complaints/reactions!
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Let Gren bitch at you
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if it's not too much trouble, we'd be interested in a date crashing over yonder. the number of characters involved is up to you!