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Event Post: Party Hard

The voting happened, the results are in, and we have - a tie. Luckily, Delight stepped up and volunteered to venture out and scout, see what information she could find. And of course, Rage is coming along as backup and company. What a great friendship, right?

As everyone was warned, however, they'll need some power before they go. The more the better, given the chance of discovery - if Rage and Delight end up needing to run or fight, they'll have much more of a chance of survival if they've got more power. And what does that mean for you? Since Delight's involved, you know it means a party! So get your party shoes on, pump up the volume, and leave a glass of water out for your almost inevitable hangover.

Everything seems pretty normal at first - music, drinking, sparkling lights. Pretty similar to the party when Delight was resurrected! Wasn't that a fun time? But hey, did you forget about Rage? Easy to do when you're distracted by partying. At least, easy to do until you find yourself partying harder and harder, culminating in a furious, joyful, extremely dangerous rage. Hopefully you picked the party shoes with steel toes.

Starting May 24th, a citywide party kicks into gear. Since Delight's bar is still destroyed, there's no real center to this party - it's all over the city. You'll find tables set up here and there with plenty of drinks available: sugary, alcoholic, or Delight's own special energy drinks that'll give you the stamina to dance all night long! The lights of the cave will dim, replaced by colorful flashing lights, disco balls, and fireworks.

Music is everywhere, whether coming out of what seems to be thin air or provided by your fellow Hadrielites with the help of the karaoke machines scattered around the city. You can find ridiculous party games, cards, a dance floor near Delight's temple, snacks - anything that might make this party super fun!

The energy of the party will ramp up almost unnoticeably. Anyone who partakes - whether it be eating, drinking, dancing, or just really enjoying the music - will be affected. They'll find themselves wanting more, wanting to have more fun and party harder. Maybe they'll try something new, something a little more wild or dangerous than usual. And hey! That's fun, too! Why not go just a little further, right? For awhile, you'll be able to stop whenever you want, though it'll take a lot more self-control than normal - and it'll be easy to slip right back into party mode. And really, what is there to worry about? Everyone's having a good time!

The slow slide into loss of control will culminate on May 29th. After that point, and for the last few days of the event, everyone who didn't make an effort to stop themselves from partying too hard will lose control, going into a frenzy of bad decisions. They'll drink more, dance until their feet are bleeding, throw chairs through windows. 'Partying' becomes something a little more like 'fighting', and anyone affected will easily start violence for the sheer joy of it.

For anyone not affected, you can give in and join the partiers - peer pressure works, people! - or run away, but it's probably not a great idea to try to stop them. Ever heard the story of the maenads, who tore people limb from limb in their frenzied, intoxicated ecstasy? Well, Rage hasn't, but she sure has managed to recreate it here for you all anyway.

On June 2nd, Rage and Delight depart, and the partiers will come down from their violently joyful high to find lots of broken furniture, the worst hangovers in existence, and possibly a lot of blood on their hands. You guys know murder is totally a party foul, right?


► May 24th: The party begins
► May 29th: The point of no return, all the partiers start going mad
► June 2nd: Party's over! Better clean this all up
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[personal profile] overarching 2017-05-24 11:18 pm (UTC)(link)
A question pertaining to a shared idea, on behalf of Elena Gilbert's ([personal profile] rehashing) player, Brandon, and myself!

Would it be okay if, during the party hard festivities, for Caroline to turn Elena into a vampire? Caroline would notice that Elena isn't having *nearly as much fun* as she should be having, plus that she'd be *way* more fun as a vampire. This would come with Elena completing the vampire transition through drinking blood from a willing donor or blood bag. It would also lead to Elena potentially using mind compulsion (that Caroline already possesses), if she sees fit to get a non-partying friend involved in the partying! (with player permission as always, of course.)

Our motivations for considering this include exploring and developing both of their character arcs, especially given the impact of how their two vastly different canon points have and are impacting them. It's a means to draw them, two already tight best friends, together even more, and to explore the intensity of what it means to live in Hadriel. To experience and endure horrors first hand, rather than only having heard about them.

Thank you so much in advance!
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[personal profile] overarching 2017-05-26 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you so much! :D