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After Rage's resurrection and everything that Fear has done to make his life more difficult, Hope is feeling more than a little overworked and drained. There's not much he can do to fix that - except maybe lessen the numbers of monsters that he has to keep trapped in the labyrinth of caves surrounding the city. As such, he's decided to offer Fabulous Prizes™ to anyone who'll help him out and kill a few of them. If you want to explore the caves while you do so, great!

Hope will make a network post on January 24th explaining this and offering rewards to those who participate. Anyone who kills a monster for him will get a small prize, and if an entire species of monsters is slain, a randomly-chosen character who participated will get a god blessing - from either Hope or Rage, who has lent Hope a tiny bit of her power because she feels bad for him. For non-fighters, Hope will also be taking suggestions as to how he might either conserve power or gain more of it (build a big ol' wall to keep monsters in the caves so he doesn't have to use his powers, turn off the electricity, stop feeding you guys??), and will be rewarding those with prizes, as well. If he gets any. He doesn't expect much.


There are set numbers of each monster (see the list below!), and when the event log goes up there will be a place to comment letting us know how many, and which, monsters your character killed. Team up, go it alone, decide you don't want to help Hope and laugh at those who do - your call! Check out the bestiary for more info on the monsters and how difficult they might be to kill. Keep in mind that the caves are winding and very extensive, and not all of them will be easy to find!

Ahools (14)
Coeurls (16)
Dire Bears (11)
Grey Children (21)
Hunters (7)
Smokers (11)
Taxxons (9)
Titanoboas (6)
Trolls (15)
White Walkers (3)
Yeti (9)


► January 24th: Hope makes a network post asking for monster-killing help
► January 28th: Your chance for Fabulous Prizes™ is OVER!
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[personal profile] themightykamina 2016-01-24 07:46 pm (UTC)(link)
You know, I do have a question for the mods regarding some of the bestiary. Are any of them edible, and which ones? Also are there any side effects to munching monsters?

(For reference, Kamina's world is full of animals like this one so he's bound to try eating a yeti or something eventually.)
themightykamina: (who the hell do you think I am?)

[personal profile] themightykamina 2016-01-25 08:30 am (UTC)(link)
Awesome, thanks for the info! Yeti/boa steaks, here he comes.
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[personal profile] camouflage 2016-01-22 11:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Big Boss is going to be putting up a post saying this is as good a time as ever to actually map out the caves (which he suggested when he first arrived). He'll most likely ask for anyone who's interested to join him, although he'll specifically ask for people who have training in group operations/fighting. plus he really wants to eat one of those Titanboas you feel me
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[personal profile] swarm_embrace 2016-01-23 12:02 am (UTC)(link)
Kerrigan has mapped some of the caves with Z, so she'll hand over what she has so far.

Monster bbq time
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[personal profile] theresolve 2016-01-23 06:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Rainier's a seasoned soldier as both part of a group and leading one and will absolutely volunteer with the note that they should make sure there are still some fighters left behind to protect the civilians should The Worst Occur - he's been in too many bad operations to not consider that there's the possibility of all the fighters going to the caves only to have the city attacked while they're gone.
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[personal profile] baths 2016-01-24 06:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Sam isn't qualified for either of these things but she'll probably still come anyway, oops.
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[personal profile] amos_moses 2016-01-24 05:12 am (UTC)(link)
Amos will be very reluctant, on his own, to going monster-hunting: both from his personal dislike of violence, and the fact that he has a built-in-radar for locating the animal-based monsters. It's an unfair advantage, to him.

BUT if your character asks him to go, or of he really likes you and sees you heading out on your own, he'll come along for your sake.

Amos will be arming himself with a bow and arrow, and he's a decent shot. For backup he has a nice machete and an assortment of smaller knives, and for an absolute emergency he has a handgun that he will be trying very hard not to use.
imobouzu: (分りました)

[personal profile] imobouzu 2016-01-24 04:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Leave the Taxxons to Jinbee!

He'll be all for helping out to make the place safer for everyone, and he is a bug exterminator used to fighting big bugs. Not that he won't take on any other monsters that he comes across.
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[personal profile] casperdisaster 2016-01-24 09:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Thom Rainier is going to be all about hunting monsters, though since blessings/rewards etc are involved as much as possible he'll actually be working as an assist and letting others make the killing blow as he doesn't really want anything at all from the Gods. Let me know if you want Ser Bara as your wingman on monster slaying endeavors, he's really good at it.

Noah is so not taking part in any of this crazy shit y'all are nuts to go into those caves.