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Thank you all for a fabulous February! After that short but deadly month, March brings us a little break in the form of a lighter event and the second god resurrection. We're excited to see who gets picked this time!

As always, if you ever have any suggestions or feedback you'd like to offer us mods, remember you can always drop us a line here! Also, please remember to hit up the Current AC post if you haven't done so yet! Characters accepted in February do not require AC proofs, but we do require a check-in on the post!

It's been a couple months since the last resurrection, and Rage has settled in - and learned how best to inspire fury (thanks, wendigos!). Unfortunately, she knows absolutely nothing about the Door. Hope has recovered enough of his power to resurrect another god, and on March 2nd, Rage will lend Hope a hand by asking the population of Hadriel to pick from one of three options. Here are your characters' choices for the second god to be resurrected:
CONFUSION: Having almost won the poll last time, Confusion is still an option! She sides with both Fear and Hope, merging her power with either of them for combination events whenever it feels the most advantageous to her. If Confusion is selected, her event themes will lean more towards absurd, unpredictable events. Her first event will happen at the end of March.

DELIGHT: Delight is the other returning option from the first poll. As one of the weakest of the gods, she sides with Hope in his battle against Fear, and will throw her power in with Hope's own to create very pleasant events. If Delight is selected, she will have an event at the end of March that might make your characters feel a little more happy to be here!

LOVE: The new option for resurrection round two is Love. Perhaps unexpectedly, Love will side with Fear rather than Hope - because as anyone who's been in love knows, it can be terrifying. Love's events will be mostly on the positive side, however, drawing out feelings of affection, whether platonic or otherwise. If Love is selected, the final event of March will be full of butterflies in stomachs and open displays of affection. Maybe.

Each potential god has their own set of pros and cons that they bring to the table, so try to let your characters consider their options carefully! Just as they did last time, each god will also have the power to create a unique building in the city upon their revival. Some buildings will be better or more useful than others, and all building options will be presented ICly in Rage's post on March 2nd.

While everyone debates the best choice of god, new arrivals will appear as usual in the intro log on March 10th. Alongside them will be Cacodemons from the video game Doom, suggested by Lunare!

Cacodemons are grotesque floating monsters who can spit balls of plasma. If they're close enough, they'll bite, too, so maybe keep your distance! They aren't particularly fast, but their ability to float can make them difficult to hit, and their thick hide is hard to damage. Good luck!

Additionally, our third CR MEME will go up on Saturday, March 12th!

After the old residents of Hadriel have decided which god to invite into their cave this time and the new residents have settled in, Hope will decide to do one last thing to boost his power before the second god resurrection. He'd like to not spend a month recovering, after all. So, on the morning of March 14th, everyone in Hadriel will find a small hand mirror next to them. Upon gazing into this mirror, they'll see a vision of their most hopeful future, the best outcome they could dream of for themselves.

Maybe they'll see themselves surrounded by a loving family. Maybe they'll see the person they admire returning their affection. Maybe they'll see a long-lost friend alive and well, or a bitter enemy dead. Whatever they see, it's one of the best futures they could dream of for themselves. The only stipulation is that it does have to be possible - no one alive who is unmistakably dead, no impossible outcomes. These futures are things that could really happen.

However, all the mirrors are identical, and from March 14th through March 18th, your character will feel a mild compulsion to pick up and gaze into any mirror they see. After all, Hope knows no one trusts him, and he didn't want his gifts to go unused! But that means it's entirely possible - likely, even - that unless they resist this compulsion, they will look into a mirror that isn't their own and see someone else's happy future. Awkward.

On March 18th the compulsion ends, but the mirrors don't disappear. Your characters can keep them, if they wish, and gaze upon their hopeful future whenever they please. Or smash them angrily. Your call.

The final event of March will stretch into the first week of April and will span March 23rd-April 3rd. This event is based entirely on which god gets revived, which is a direct result of what your characters vote on. Choose wisely!


► March 2nd: Rage makes a post about reviving the second god
► March 10th: Intro log!
► March 14-18th: Hopeful Future event
► March 23rd-April 3rd: God Revival/Event
► March 24th-31st: Activity check
As a final note, our schedule for the month is viewable on the calendar!