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Monthly Rundown: October Edition

So, we all know how much all the characters dislike being in the Murdercave. It's statistically proven that the number one thing anyone wants from Hadriel is to go home. So, during the month of October, Hope and Delight are going to alter the Door to try and make everyone happy by sending them all back to their respective universes.

Remember when they said that they didn't know anything about the Door or how it works? They weren't kidding.

Welcome to Hadriel's one year anniversary!

As always, if you ever have any suggestions or feedback you'd like to offer us mods, remember you can always drop us a line here! Also, please remember to hit up the Current AC post if you haven't done so yet! Characters accepted in August do not require AC proofs, but we do require a check-in on the post!

Finally, this month will have our second How's the Game meme on the 20th, which some of you may remember from earlier this year! We'll be presenting some various things to get input from you guys on, as well as trying to get a general feel for where everyone is in the game.

New arrivals during the month of October will find themselves in a bit of a different predicament then they had been previously. As usual, the door will fluctuate to bring them in on October 10th, which is where Delight and Hope will first harness the energy to try and shift the abilities of the Door a little.

Where usually they were surrounded by monsters in the Colosseum, this month there will be a suspicious lack of creepies and crawlies and things that go bump in the night. Instead, they may have an easier time navigating the columns around them, but a more difficult time with the city around them because they're now sharing the city with one of four dragons who have crashed into the city due to the Door reacting negatively to Hope and Delight's tampering.

These creatures are full-fantasy dragon size- about as large as a house, maybe a little bigger- and are looking for an easy meal to continue surviving in the caves. They're not exactly happy here- there's no sky to fly around in, other dragons in their territory, and some of their food is fighting back in really annoying ways. Unfortunately, it's impossible for Hope to push them out into the tunnels like the other monsters in there because they simply cannot fit. This means that if you ever want peace in the Murdercave again, these bad boys are gonna have to die.

From the top, we've got:
Red: The red dragon. This guy, predictably, breathes giant columns of fire that can raze buildings to charred ash. His scales are fiery hot to the touch and can burn anyone who makes contact. His blood is molten and will burn through any blade that tries to cut him down. Heat cannot harm him.
Blue: The blue dragon. This one's a lady and the largest of the four. There's a frozen aura around her that can slow reaction time and, if you're fighting her for too long, can freeze you to death. Her breath can freeze most things in the city solid and her scales act as frozen armor that turns most weapons brittle.
Purple: The purple dragon is a boy and is the smallest of the four. He could be considered the easiest to take down, as his scales and blood have no significant protective properties, however, his breath isn't a breath so much as it is a bright beam attack that can reduce most buildings to rubble and obliterate most things standing in its way.
Black: The final dragon of course, is black. Unlike the others, the black dragon does not shoot any death beams out of her mouth and she prefers to fight with tooth and claw. She's extremely durable and has a passive regeneration that, while it is not instant, she will not sustain damage beyond a single fight. She's large, fast, and powerful, and prefers to swoop down and pick people up in her claws to eat later. Fun stuff!

The dragons will be flying around the city to hunt, but will make their homes on one of the crumbled, unusable spires- Red near Spire 1, Blue near Spire 2, Purple near Spire 3, and Black near Spire 4.

When we roll out acceptances from the new app round, we will also be making a post, during which we will take volunteers to kill each dragon- new characters are absolutely welcome to apply as well! If we get more than one volunteer per dragon, the killer will be decided via RNG- but even if you aren't chosen to kill a dragon, everyone is encouraged to interact with or be terrorized by them!

And finally, many thanks for this monster idea goes out to Floral and Kai, both of whom suggested that we inject some giant reptiles into our Murdercave. Thank you for the awesome idea!

Alright, alright, the dragons were a little much, but at least they were dealt with, right? Now Hope and Delight have a good idea of what not to do, which definitely means that they're closer to success.

Luckily for them, their mid-month attempt is going to result in something much nicer: mementos from different universes dropping all over the cave!

On October 15th, characters will start finding little keepsakes from home scattered throughout the city. Something from your character's universe may wind up in a stranger's house, or laying on the streets, or in a god temple somewhere for them to find- nothing will be able to find its owner in a direct way, but if you look around a bit, you should be able to find something you recognize from home!

These can range anywhere from jewelry, to clothing, to books, to larger things. Small, unobtrusive, non-magical items do not require mod permission to take in, but we will be putting up a mod post for anything large, valuable, dangerous, or magical.

These items will rain in until October 19th, when Delight figures out her mistake and fixes it, shutting the Door off again for the time being.

The final event of October will also be stretching into the first week of November in a two-parter event that's bound to shake up the city a bit.

This will be Hadriel's first Fourth Wall event, as a result of Hope and Delight's last-ditch effort of trying to make the Door take you all back. During this two week stretch, from October 24th-November 7th, the Door will glitch out and begin dragging all sorts of characters from multiple universes.

New characters will be brought in on October 24th and November 1st and can either remain throughout the entirety of the event or be 'dropped' at any time. There will be two separate event celebration logs, one per week, with each log headed by three of Hadriel's gods.

Characters brought in during the fourth wall event do not require an app to play during the event, however, if you wish for them to remain in the city past November 7th, then you must submit an app for them in the November app round. This is a great opportunity for test driving a character within the setting of a game! Due to the fourth wall event, we will also not be posting a test drive for the month of October.

More details on this event will go up in a separate OOC post as it gets closer!


► October 2nd: The end of the current Confusion event
► October 10th: Intro log and dragons!
► October 14th-October 19th: The Keepsakes event!
► October 20th: How's the Game post
► October 24th-31st: Activity check
► October 24th: This Fourth Wall part 1
► November 1st: This Fourth Wall part 2
As a final note, our schedule for the month is viewable on the calendar!
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[personal profile] hippocratical 2016-09-29 12:44 am (UTC)(link)
HEY MODS Would small medical supplies/maybe a few medical devices be considered keepsakes? Simon doesn't do much in the way of Stuff, but he'd def recognize a scanner or stim or vaccine etc, and it would probs be more comforting. Just a question, and if you want specifics on what kinds of little stuff I would be happy to provide!
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[personal profile] dedikated 2016-09-29 06:37 am (UTC)(link)
I'm so glad we had the same thought.
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Re: Questions

[personal profile] survivethis 2016-09-29 05:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Does the 4th wall allow for duplicate characters or the same char from a different canon point?
Edited 2016-09-29 17:45 (UTC)
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[personal profile] glacius 2016-10-17 03:38 pm (UTC)(link)
This is sort of belated, so sorry about that, but I figured it would be better to clear it with you guys now rather than later! Would I be able to bring a CRAU version of Glacius in for the duration of the event? Specifically, I want to bring in his "evil" clone that was created by the NPCs that oversaw one of his earlier games, the Box, and then was brought in to Ataraxion for awhile.

Though they technically are the same character biologically, circumstances of the clone's life and creation mean that he is a very different being now, particularly in his demeanor, ideologies, and view of the universe. He even went as far as to take on the name of Algidus in an attempt to cement his differentiation. He was released into the Box to destroy and replace Glacius. He ultimately failed, which ended in his unceremonious demise, but was allowed to continue on when I took him to Ataraxion before the canon point of his death. This allowed him to generate CR and struggle to learn a little bit more about integrating and relating with humans before the game's, uh... unceremonious demise.

So I would be taking him from that point, the end of his development in Ataraxion. I think this would be very fun and interesting because he clashes a lot with Glacius, and will provide others very different interactions from what they've come to expect of their kinder resident ice alien. He even has CR with some of the characters here that were previously in Ax... very few of them will know what the hell he's talking about since they weren't apped with those experiences, but that's part of the fun.

ANYWAYS WHEW sorry this question got so long I just wanted to give you an idea of what I was thinking!