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Event Post: Fourth Wall

So far, Hope and Delight's experiments with the Door have brought in dragons and care packages from home - some good things, some bad. Though Hope is starting to reconsider, thanks to Sorrow and the general disapproval of his actions, he's trying once more first. This time, the results will be a little more spectacular.

The Door will surge twice, bringing in people from all over. Rather than normal arrivals, these surges will pull in people who might not normally see Hadriel - a strange collection of individuals. Some will be familiar to those already here, some will be utterly strange, but all of them will have a limited time, as Hope and Delight's meddling will send them back almost as soon as they've arrived.

While they're here, though, the gods will scramble to accommodate these new visitors, and they'll end up splitting the work right down the middle. Three gods will host what could loosely be termed 'welcoming parties' each time the Door pulls new people in, all influenced by their personality and emotion of choice. Finally, the Door will surge one last time and send everyone home - or maybe not everyone. Some of these poor fools might get stuck. Either way, Hope and Delight decide it's not worth the trouble and give up on their grand idea to send everyone home. Sorry!


On October 24th the Door opens for the first time. The gods scramble to respond, and Fear, Delight, and Confusion jump in to take care of the newcomers, providing a welcome in their own unique way. On November 1st the door opens again, and this time Sorrow, Hope, and Rage step up to take care of things. Newly arrived characters will not be given phones, so they will not have access to the network (unless they borrow the phone of an established character), but will be able to wander the city freely.

What does this mean for you? It means you can go wild with characters! There are very few restrictions on which characters are allowed during our Fourth Wall - you can play a character with much too little canon to actually app, one that's a close relative of someone you already play, or someone you've never tried before. Multiple versions of the same character are all right too - however, if there is a version of that character already in-game, make sure to get their permission first!

There's no commitment required here - play someone for the first week, someone different for the second, or play the same character the whole time. Play five different characters in the same log! The sky's the limit. If, during the course of the Fourth Wall event, you decide you want to app, that's awesome. Our reserves will conveniently open October 24th and apps will be opening on November 1st. Any thread you do during the Fourth Wall event will be accepted as the application sample! Just keep in mind our rules about appable characters - while anything goes during the event, not all kinds of characters will be able to stay.

Not in Hadriel? Never heard of it before? That's totally fine. Our event logs will be set up so that someone unfamiliar with the game will be able to easily jump right in, with things to do within the log itself and links to more info about the game if you want to go wandering around the city! We'd love to have you drop in for awhile!

On November 7th the Fourth Wall will end, and all visiting characters will go home - that is, except for those who apped in. Looks like the Door missed a few. Whoops.


► October 24th: The Door opens, bringing in a motley assortment of folks
► November 1st: The Door opens again, time for more partying
► November 7th: The visitors are sent home and peace reigns in the city. For now.
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[personal profile] repelling 2016-10-22 08:24 pm (UTC)(link)
This is going to sound like a cheap run around of the keepsake item limitation, but are visitors able to leave things behind?
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[personal profile] repelling 2016-10-24 10:49 am (UTC)(link)
Thought so, but worth checking. Thanks!
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[personal profile] circumitus 2016-11-02 04:32 am (UTC)(link)
BELATED QUESTION but it just occurred to me, even if it might be a bit silly/superfluous: Would death function the same way for 4th Wall characters like it does for the current game characters? I guess we wouldn't have to report any 4th Wall characters deaths to the Death page but I was wondering if Hope would bring them back the same way.