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Monthly Rundown: May Edition

Thank you all for an awesome month and some great participation in our Assassin event! With May comes a little bit of a lighter month so you can work out that trauma and maybe make amends with your fellow assassins and targets. Still, that doesn't mean that it'll be a boring month! Our large event is going to be thrown by all of our resident gods and goddesses, and you're free to make it as pleasant or as horrifying as you like for each of your characters.

As always, if you ever have any plot suggestions or feedback you'd like to offer us, you can always drop us a line here! Also, please remember to hit up the Current AC post if you haven't done so yet. Characters accepted in April do not require AC proofs, but we do require a check-in on the post.

Delight and Rage may be friends, but that doesn't mean that Delight is super pleased with everything that Rage has done- I mean, the Assassin event was a little harsh, wasn't it?

Therefore, Delight is going to try and make things a little better in the city for a few days. While she's not as powerful as the other gods yet, she can create fireflies! The lights of the cave will be dimmed from May 3rd-May 7th to allow for the fireflies to light up the air around them with a glow that seem to be far brighter than normal fireflies- but who's complaining? These fireflies are special, in that being close enough to one to be lit by its glow will allow characters to feel a glimmer of warmth and happiness. The more fireflies that are near you, the more the feeling compounds, until it feels like a brilliant bubble of laughter always resting in your chest.

Hope will subsequently stock the stores with mason jars for all your firefly-capturing needs. Be delicate with them, as they don't like being squished! If you catch enough, you can have a little jar of happiness to take around with you, or to take out and hug on special occasions- isn't that nice?

About 1-3 fireflies is enough for a slight boost in cheer, 4-6 for a noticeable swell in happiness, and 7-10 for a large boost in warmth and comfort. Above 10 and it starts to feel a little like a drugged sort of stupor that might make you just content to sit there and hug your jar for days... but hey, nobody's judging! Fireflies will last for one week before dying if you're not taking proper care of them, but can last for up to three months in their jars if you keep them fed and happy and the area around them damp. Happy catching!

On May 7th, the lights of the cave will go back to normal and the free-roaming fireflies will dissipate until they're gone entirely on May 9th.

Delight's fireflies will be leaving this city just as the Door surges again on May 10th, bringing with it a new host of characters and... more fireflies?

Unfortunately, these fireflies aren't quite so delightful as the last ones. While they're somewhat difficult to tell apart, the fireflies unleashed by the Door will have a dimmer glow, and... well. They're the guardian fireflies from the Disney movie, Atlantis. As you may be able to tell from the linked clip, these bastards live up to their name.

The Door will unleash plenty of these little bugs! Upon settling on a flammable location, the insects will burst into flame, causing wherever they've landed to catch fire- it could be your clothes, your hair, or your house- you didn't leave any windows open, did you? If squished, they will erupt into a short burst of fire before dying. While there won't be thousands of these fireflies like there were in the movie, there's still plenty to cause a ton of havoc and confusion.

Hey... you don't still have any of those jars, do you?

The firefly confusion can't last forever. Thankfully, after a few days, all uncaught guardian fireflies will either have set minor fires and died or retreated to the caves to probably be eaten by some unfortunate monsters.

This leaves the second half of the month ripe for the taking by everyone's favorite god: Fear! After all the trauma he's caused, he's noticed that a few of you are having nightmares, which actually... feeds him pretty well. And what's better than one nightmare? Two nightmares! Shared nightmares! People who can see other people's nightmares, so maybe they can learn to be afraid of the same thing!

Fortunately, before he can enact this brilliant plan, the other three gods are going to go ahead and step in to influence character dreams as well. Therefore, from May 16th-May 26th, characters will have their dreams influenced by one of the gods (Hope, Delight, Rage, or Fear) and will find themselves visiting the dreams of others who have been influenced.

What exactly does this mean? Essentially, once each night (for a total of ten possible nights) a character can be a visitor or a host when they sleep. It's pretty straightforward- visitors visit other character's dreams, hosts have their dreams visited by other characters and influenced by certain gods. While characters won't be able to ICly choose whether they're visitors or hosts, who they visit (if they're a visitor), or which god is influencing them (if they're a host), players are free to choose and plot out any sort of combination for the entirety of the event.

This event was initially suggested by (other) Rae, so thank you for the suggestion! More information on the Dreamwalker event will go up with the ooc event post, which will be posted shortly after the intro log.


► May 3rd-May 7th: Delight creates her happy fireflies
► May 10th: Intro log! Evil fireflies!
► May 12th: CR meme
► May 16th-26th: Dreamwalker event!
► May 24th-31st: Activity check
As a final note, our schedule for the month is viewable on the calendar!
frigidus: (141)

[personal profile] frigidus 2016-04-26 06:18 pm (UTC)(link)
CAN DREAMS BE FROM CHILDHOOD like say. reliving his brother's death over and over again?

and would the character be young (and adorable) in these or like their adult selves still??
smited: (Default)

[personal profile] smited 2016-04-27 07:28 pm (UTC)(link)
two things!

1.) i'm assuming that the 10 nights means they can have multiple dreams over the course of the event influenced by multiple gods?

2.) do the dreams that get walked through have to be influenced by a god? or can we also do a "that was weird, maybe i shouldn't eat pepperoni pizza before bed" kind of dream in the midst of the godly influencing?
synthedick: (♠ a clean equation)

[personal profile] synthedick 2016-05-01 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, so Nick says in canon he doesn't need to sleep or eat, but he technically can eat in the game, and presumably can sleep like the third gen synths if he feel so inclined (I mean, he does have his own bed in his house in Diamond City). I'd love for him to get in on dream shenanigans with some of the flashes he talks about in-game involving the real Nick Valentine's memories and his time in the Institute. Can he do that even though he's technically a robot and they're technically not dreams, but fragments of memories that sort of run in the back of his processor? Or do these really have to be dream dreams, and since he's a machine, he can't be affected?
synthedick: (♥ returning the favor)

[personal profile] synthedick 2016-05-01 04:58 am (UTC)(link)

I mean, oh, neat. Thank you, mods. :>
glacius: (Default)

[personal profile] glacius 2016-05-03 05:57 pm (UTC)(link)
This is a super belated question, but seeing as the log just went up I would love to get Glacius in on firefly feelgood shenanigans. The only problem? His body is so cold I imagine he will naturally harm/repel them. Are there other ways through which they could affect characters--for example contact highs, or maybe by handling a jar full of them? Or is direct contact with them the only way?
blowyoudown: (Default)

Re: Questions!

[personal profile] blowyoudown 2016-05-09 11:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Will the guardian fireflies have the same sort of range pattern as the nice ones? Like will they be concentrated mostly in the colosseum and then spread around the rest of the caves r are they everywhere the whole time?